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(Trying to see if I can count these suckers on one hand…)

No joke, I have learned about three different engagements today. I suppose four if you count the lovely couple I met at the letter press shop earlier today, who were in the middle of printing their all too cute and quirky invitations.

What is this strange epidemic? 

My immediate reaction is always, “Why are all these twenty-something people getting married so young?? We have so much TIME.” But then I have to stop and realize, maybe it’s not so weird. I guess I’m of marrying age now? Oh, the horror…

Wow, I just checked Facebook for one teensy second, and another one popped up in the feed! I can’t make this stuff up; I need to find a more systematic way to keep up with this high volume.

Thankfully, this news doesn’t make me feel inadequate, sad, insecure, or worried about my own lack of intentions of legal commitment. I am happy for each and every person I know, or knew at one time but still receive major life notifications, who has decided to accept a diamond and move forward. Marriage is a huge deal, and should be celebrated. Who doesn’t love love? But, it’s just not for me, at least not for right now.

I’m good with living alone, working on being awesome at working, finding new ways to be creative, being independent, and having meaningful relationships. I’m not concerned about dying alone, decreasing egg counts, being one of those old moms, or diamond proposals. I’m not on some sort of timeline; life will happen when it happens whether I like it or not. There’s no point in rushing anything.

I feel like a little kid who keeps begging for five more minutes before bedtime. I just want a little more time before I settle down for good. Just give me five more years…please? I promise I’ll be ready by then. I hope.

And seriously, I’m not a total cynic. Vows straight up make me weepy. If you or someone you know got engaged today. Mazel Tov!

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